Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Btipsy Professional Jumbo Lemon Squeezer

The first thing I noticed about this lemon squeezer when I got it, was how thick and sturdy it felt. I have had squeezers in the past that have been very flimsy, and broke easily. Well those days are over with this one because, not only does it have sturdy construction, but there is a lifetime warranty... How awesome is that! I make a ton of fish in the summer, and I can not get enough homemade lemonade. So this was right up my alley. I loved it. If ever your looking for a lemon squeezer here it is. The link to Amazon is Here, and I know you will love it as much as I do. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Thank You, Tabitha

Liquid Chalkers

I can not tell you how much fun these have been. I have a huge dry erase board next to my fridge, and use it to know at a glance what is in there to eat, or what i need to buy. It has made meal planning a breeze. I like most people have the original black marker that came with the board, and I was happy with that, but world has color, and I love it. These markers make it so easy to color code everything. They also work on chalk boards, but do be careful. The package says to be careful if you use it on a wall that has been painted with chalk board paint, because the color can bleed thru to the wall underneath. I think every house should have these. I really like them, they are fun. I hope you check them on Amazon here. If you want to see all of the awesome products they have here is a link to their website. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Thank You, Tabitha

4 New product reviews

There are 4 New product reviews I am working on and will post today. There are so.e great products, a just ok product, and a this did nothing product. Stay tuned to see what is what.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Globein is a company who's mission is simple, Help People and Get Cool Stuff. It is a simple idea that has brought together some amazing artists from around the world, and made their goods available to everyone. Globein does offer several monthly subscription boxes they are $29.99 a month and you can check out all the options here The Artisan Gift Box. Globein also has products direct from the craftsmen and women they have gathered from around the world.  I am going to pick 4 artists to profile today I will be doing this several times a year to help keep the word out about the amazing work the people at Globein are doing.  Before I start that though I want to let you know a bit about Globein it self. It is a start up company they has been around for about two years now, and they have an office of about six with three more people in various countries around the world. They have customer service that is beyond anything I would have expected. When most companies hide there phone number somewhere at the bottom of the page Globein's is right at the top of their page, and they actually answer the phone. Genna is Globein's operations manager, and not only answered my questions, but also e-mailed me to make sure I did not have any others. I truly could rammble on forever about the great customer service, but I really want to introduce you to four amazing people.

 The first person is Norma Diaz-Vilchis. Norma is an art glass designer from Navidad, Mexico. She has 5 years experience, and her love for glass art began when she started taking classes to learn the craft. Her glass work is amazing and can be seen Here. Her bride and groom figurines are something a newlywed couple would cherish for a lifetime.

The next woman is Mila Tarabashkina. She is a felter from the city of Bishkek a city in Kyrgyzstan. She has been felting for five years, and learned her craft from local artisans and craftsmen. I strongly urge you to read more about Mila's life from being under Soviet rule to gaining her independence and artistic freedom. You can learn more about Mila and see her beautifully felted items Here.

Next I want to highlight The Alay Kapwa This is a social cooperative in Manila, Philippines. They have 30 years of experience in crafting. They use recycled materials and turn them into amazing clutches, baskets, and other items. Their story is truly amazing, from starting in a slum area in the 1980's to today having 3000 members in several Philippine cities. Together they produce everything from tableware to dried fish. Check them out Here.

Lastly I was blown away by Fatima Bouhssine from Kelaat M'Gouna, Morocco. She only has 2 years experience in metal and silver work. To look at her intricate designs you would never know that. Her pieces are so delicate looking. She learned this craft through a training program for the disabled (she has a leg disability). you have to check her out she is amazing, and her work is beautiful. please take the time to see her pieces Here.

I truly believe that without Globein many of the amazing artisans on their site would never be able to sell at this level. Like I said I will be profiling different Artists found on Globein's site several times a year. I encourage everyone to take a look at their site and get to know some of these amazing people. Their stories, perseverance, and triumph will move you. I hope you love what you see as much as I did. Thank You, Tabitha

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Swaag Box October 2014

I got my first Swaag Box, it is a Tom (time of the month) box. They were doing a $5.00 promo box, and I jumped at the chance to try it. I was not sure what to expect other than some pads or tampons. Boy was I surprised. When you sign up the web site asks what your preference is pads or tampons, and gives you several options of each to choose from. The boxed start at $16.00 month. There are several plan options to choose from including one that allows you to double the makeup and jewelry you get. Let's take a look inside the box I got. First I choose the Always overnight maxi pads. I knew those were commuting, but I was not expecting all the other amazingness that accompanied them. There were 2 bottles of Maybelline nail color. There was a beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet perfect for this Month being Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is very pretty, and I will wear it with pride in support for all the women who have had to fight this awful fight. There are assorted Hard Candy Cosmetics. I got blue mascara, and a two sided lip gloss Lastly there was a lollipop. It did not last very long. On the card that told me what came in the box, there was also the information of what would have come had I doubled the makeup and jewelry. Had I done that I would have gotten in addition to everything I already mentioned. Another nail polish, more assorted Hard Candy Cosmetics, and a Breast Cancer Awareness Stainless Steel Bangle. It also says on the card they will be making a donation to the Susan G Komen Fund for every box they send out this month. What an amazing thing to do. When everything is added up this box had a retail value of $45.00. Even if I did not got it for $5.00 it still would have only been $16.00 which is still an amazing deal. If you want to check them out on your own here is the link Swaag box. Thank you, Tabitha

3 Great Products

Lately several great products I have been sent free to try, and wanted to let you know about them. I am going to put all three items in one post, because really how much can someone write about ChapStick no matter how awesome it
The first product is the new ChapStick Hydration Lock. It is a 24 hour care lip balm. The day side that has an SPF of 12. The night side has Tamanu oil, and natural butters to replenish while you sleep. There is also Renew/Moisturize choice I will try that one next. I have never been a ChapStick girl, it always seemed to sticky/waxy to me. However this was different I really liked the smoothness of this. I really forgot it was there and there was no strange taste. I can not wait to try the other. I was sent this to try free from Smiley360. Even though I was sent this my reviews and the opinions expressed are mine alone.

The next product is one I had touched on in a previous post if. It is the Youth Expressions Age Defying Moisturizer from Insta Natural. It is for all skin types, and is 98% natural. It does contain alphahydroxy acid (AHA). The bottle says it may increase skin sensitivity, but I have really sensitive skin and have had no problems with this moisturizer. I love the smell. It is very light, and it reminds me of cucumbers. It is not at all greasy. It has a light feel on my skin, and it does not clog my pores. It is just a great all around face cream. I will put the link to where you can get in on Amazon HERE.

Lastly is the new Gillette Venus sensitive with a touch of aloe. It has 5 blades, and this is the first time in a very long time I have used a razor that has not caused razor burn. I love this razor. It is my new go to. I can not recommend this any louder. It is AWESOME.  I received this razor from Influenster. They sent me their Venus Vox Box in exchange for my honest opinion. My honest opinion it not to walk but to run to get this outstanding razor.

I hope you have enjoyed these reviews. I loved all of these products. I hope you try them all to and like them as much as I do. Thank you, Tabitha